Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bendtner Ready to Replace Persie bombardment Hurdles

Spearhead Arsenal's Nicklas Bendtner confident of being able to carry the task to bring the team nicknamed The Gunners are to get rid of Barcelona in the Champions League next week.

Arsenal will travel to Camp Nou to face Barcelona next week's host. Has a capital Arsenal victory at home to 2-1 in the first game against Barcelona. Because of that, Arsenal will take advantage of it to be advanced to the quarter-finals of the Champions League by getting rid of Barcelona.

Arsenal can not play their mainstay striker, Robin van Persie. But Bendtner, who scored three goals against Leyton Orient in the FA Cup, confident of being able to fill the position of Van Persie.

"Can I lead against Barcelona? Certainly capable," said Bendtner. "I've found my best game and still will continue to rise. Printing a goal over there is my dream scenario. We must take advantage of our chances because Barcelona is always to score goals when they perform in the cage."

Bendtner feels his game has improved since last month. Because the injury that had been backing it had recovered completely.

"Last season I perform at least half the game because of my injury. But there is no other player. So I do my best and through it," said Bendtner. "It took me a long time to go back to my best game. But I am satisfied with the progress that I experienced and I have returned to the game I want."

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